The IEGPS library is considered to be one of the most valuable libraries with the best contributions in Galicia. The initial and fundamental core of its collections originated in the former Seminario de Estudos Galegos, which having ceased to exist had left its collections with the Universidad de Santiago. These have been added to over the years by successive donations and deposits by distinguished scholars such as Joaquín Arias Sanjurjo and José Varela de Limia, Viscount of San Alberto – whose library was particularly rich in leaflets and reference works –, Juan López Suárez, the daughters of Salvador Cabeza de León, Fernando Alsina González, and Paulino Pedret Casado and Felipe Cordero Carrete, who in 1956 acquired and subsequently donated the library of Antonio Couceiro Freijomil.

At present, the library’s collection contains more than 25,000 monographs and 8,500 leaflets. Added to these are the collections of active journals – with more than 300 titles – and those in separate collections, such as press archives and journals which are no longer in circulation, the latter category containing around five hundred examples.

Furthermore, the library maintains a special-interest documentary resource section. The most important and most frequently consulted series are:

Opening hours for users

Monday to Friday: 9.00am to 2.00pm


Reading room
Loans to individuals (except for journals, reference works and archive collections)
Interlibrary loans.

Contact details

Isabel Romaní Fariña
Telephone: 981-540229

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