Antón M. PAZOS

A Doctor of History and Doctor of Theology. He is a member of Pontificio Comitato di Scienze Storiche. He was professor at the Universities of Oviedo and Navarra until he joined the CSIC at the Instituto de Historia in Madrid, where he was editor of the journal Hispania Sacra and vice-director of the highly specialised Master’s Degree on the Hispanic world, promoted by the Fundación Carolina along with the Fundación Mapfre. In 2006 he transferred to the IEGPS.

Contact details
Rúa de San Roque, nº 2
15704, Santiago de Compostela
+0034 981540236

Research topics.

His research has centred on the contemporary religious history of Spain and America, with projects on the secular clergy, the Church in the 19th and 20th centuries and the Spanish Civil War, such as the publication of the Archivo Gomá. In terms of the religious history of Hispanic America he has dealt in the main with the transition between the 19th and 20th centuries. At the IEGPS he is the coordinator of a line of research into pilgrimage, which has been the driving force behind several international colloquia and he belongs to the CINPAC network of researchers.

Other activities.

He is the Vice-director of the IEGPS and president of the CIHEC (the Commission Internationale d'Histoire et d'Études du Christianisme,, as well as a corresponding academic member of the Ecuadoran and Colombian academies of Ecclesiastical History and of the Instituto Balear de Historia. He is a member of the editorial committees of the journals Hispania Sacra and Cuadernos de Estudios Gallegos and of its two book series, Anejos and Monografías. He has supervised thirteen doctoral theses and been involved in nine research projects as the lead researcher. He was editor of the series Compostela International Studies in Pilgrimage History and Culture at Routledge editorial

Recent publications.

Antón M. PAZOS

"Religione e censura postale. I religiosi in Spagna durante la Prima guerra mondiale a partire dal controlo postale alleato", en Lorenzo Botrugno (a cura di), "Inutile strage". I Cattolici e la Santa Sede nella prima guerra mondiale. Raccolta di Studi in occasione del Centenario dello scoppio della Prima guerra mondiale (1914-2014), Libreria Editrice Vaticana, Città del Vaticano 2016, pp. 573-591.

Antón M. PAZOS (ed.)

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Antón M. PAZOS

"Europa del Este y los nacionalismos españoles contemporáneos: el modelo austro-húngaro como referencia en la construcción nacional catalana", Torre de los Lujanes, 69 (2013), pp. 171-182.

Antón M. PAZOS

"Vision of the other for Catholics, Christians and Non-Christians in the Spanish Civil War", Baznycios Istorijos Studijos (Vilnius), VI (2013), pp. 169-187.

Antón M. PAZOS (ed.)

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Antón M. PAZOS

“Old and New Pilgrimages in the context of the Spanish Civil War”, en Antón M. Pazos (ed.), Pilgrims and Politics. Rediscovering the power of pilgrimage, Ashgate, Farnham 2012, pp. 151-160.

Antón M. PAZOS (ed.)

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Archivo Gomá. Documentos de la Guerra Civil, vol. 13: enero-marzo de 1939, Madrid, CSIC, 2010, 483 pp.

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