Las reliquias de Santiago: documentos fundamentales de la reinventio de 1879.
Anejo 51, 2021, CSIC; Xunta de Galicia, 413 pp.

Abstract: Studies on pilgrimages are an increasingly brilliant research topic. If we look at pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela from a strictly historical point of view, it is worth highlighting the leap in quality that has been made in research on the contemporary period, that is, on pilgrimages in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
The key event that is at the remote origin of the revitalization of pilgrimages to Santiago was the excavations that began in 1878 in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, in line with what was being done at that time in Europe, and particularly in Italy. The relic excavations produced abundant legal documentation since all new relics had to be authenticated in accordance with a canonical process. This work presents an analysis of the canonical documents originating from the discovery of the relics of Santiago: the Expediente canónico, dated 1883, and the Nova positio, from 1884.

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